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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

"Ne'er my Child forget to Pray."

Ne'er my child forget to pray,
What'ere the business of the day,
If happy dreams have blest thy sleep,
If startling fears have made thee weep:
With holy thoughts begin the day,
And ne'er, my child, forget to pray.

Pray Him by whom the birds are fed,
To give to thee thy daily bread:
If wealth His bounty would bestow,
Praise Him who from all blessings flow:
If He who gave should take away,
O ne'er, my child, forget to pray!

The time will come when thou wilt miss
A father's and a mother's kiss,
And then, my child, perchance you'll see
Some who in prayer ne'er bent a knee:
From all such examples turn away,
And ne'er, my child, forget to pray.

from "Child's book of poetry," Author unknown

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