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Saturday, May 26, 2012

The Wealthy Woman

 Read through each line of this little paragraph and 
write down your own answers to the questions
before reading on! 
The Wealthy Woman


     What does a wealthy lady look like?  Perhaps what comes to your mind is the rustle of silk floating down a marble staircase, or maybe the glimmer of candlelight reflected from a diamond brooch.You would not be alone in your thoughts; many people have a similar view of wealth.  But what does the Scripture say?

     "Whose adorning let it not be that outward adorning of plaiting the hair, and of wearing of gold, or of putting on of apparel; but let it be the hidden man of the heart, in that which is not corruptible, even the ornament of a meek and quiet spirit, which is in the sight of God of great price."  1 Peter 3:3-5     Think again of the diamonds and silk.  Are these not vanity and outward adorning?  If God's view of wealth and ours differ, should we not change our views?  Should we not replace the elegant woman with jewels, silk, and chic coiffure with a modest, contented lady in simple attire seeking to be a blessing to others?  Still more, should we not ask God to make us ladies of wealth in His eyes? (Written by a friend of mine who hopes that the Lord will use it to bless and encourage those who read it.)

This was thought provoking for me.

What do I value most? So much so, that I would consider someone 'wealthy' if they had it? 
Is that what comes to my mind first when I think of wealth? Why not? Does it mean that I truly value it? Or that I just wish to think that I value it?
What do I think is truly beautiful? What is gaudy?
Do I dress in a way to please those around me, or my Lord? How much or little is too much or little?
Am I vain?
What if I am?
What does God think of me?
What if the simple beauty costs me as more spiritual labor than the silks would cost physical labor? Is it worth it to me? Am I tenaciously persistent in going after that beauty?
What is getting in the way?
Am I choosing 'good' over 'better' and 'best'?
How can I practically fix it?
Can I go do it right now?

Hope you were challenged as much as I was!
In Christ

Sunday, May 13, 2012

I Know It's Not Easy To Be A Mother

To my Mother on this lovely Mothers Day... and to all of you who are mothers, 
"Thank You" for your self-sacrifice.

I Know It's Not Easy To Be A Mother
To know all the things that you have to know,
To train up us Kids in the way we should go,
To make sure our hair's brushed and our shoes are tied,
To throw out our pet fish after it's died,
I know it's not easy to be a Mother.

To keep us Kiddo's all tucked in our bed,
To know how our nighty-night story is read,
To teach us to pray and realize our need
For the Lord Jesus is great indeed.
I know it's not easy to be a Mother.

To buy all the groceries and feed us good food,
And do up the dishes regardless of mood,
To stand behind Daddy as decisions are made,
To gently correct us when we've disobeyed.
I know it's not easy to be a Mother.

To make sure we all practice, and teach us our school,
to help us to use the Golden rule,
To make sure that Daddy is on his way,
And that he's got his lunch for today,
I know it's not easy to be a Mother.

To teach us to keep the house scrumptiously clean,
And wipe off our tears when someone's been mean,
To teach us to find joy in whatever we do,
Even when it means cleaning up after the flu,
I know it's not easy to be a Mother!

I don't know how you juggle all those balls,
And get up and pick up after life falls,
But one thing I know, for of all this, thank you,
but above all, Mother, I Love You!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

God is Jealous for You

Holy fear leads us to dread anything which might cause our Father’s displeasure. A good child would not do anything which would make his father feel vexed with him. “It vexes me,” says he, “if it vexes my father.” So let there be always with us a fear to offend our loving God. He is jealous, remember that. It is one of the most solemn truths in the Bible, “The Lord thy God is a jealous God.” We might have guessed it, for great love has always that dangerous neighbor jealousy not far off.

They that love not have no hate, no jealousy, but where there is an intense, a definite love, like that which glows in the bosom of God, there must be jealousy. And oh, how jealous he is of the hearts of his people! How determined he is to have all their love! How I have known him to take away the objects of their attachment, one after another — break their idols, and deprive them of their precious vanities — all to get their hearts wholly to himself, because he knew it would never be right with them while they had a divided heart, It was injurious to themselves, and so he is jealous of that which injures them, and jealous of that which dishonors him. Let us have this holy fear very strong upon us, and we shall avoid anything which might grieve the Spirit of God.
From a sermon by Charles Haddon Spurgeon entitled "Godly Fear And Its Goodly Consequence."