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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Surrender Challenge [Day7]

I have been up for almost 26 hours straight with the birth of a baby,
 but I am writing today's challenge anyway 
because even if you have not participated in any other challenge this week, 
I beg you,
do today's. 

Girls, get on your face and pray.
Beg God to come close and show you a piece of Himself.
Beg Him to set you apart from the world for Himself.
He knows already, but tell Him how much you want Him.
He knows already, but tell Him that you don't desire Him because of what He will give you.
He knows already, but tell Him that you don't desire Him because of what you can get from Him,
but that you desire only Him.
Beg Him to give you the strength and persistence to pursue Him; hungry, eager.
Plead with Him to give you a Christianity that works.
Plead with Him to give you His heart; transform you.
Cry out to Him to show you how to seek Him.
Beg Him to allow you to live in His presence, and see His glory.
Beg Him to show you what that death on that tree has to do with you.
Cry out to Him to come and meet you, to let flesh die, self decrease, and Christ increase.

Lay yourself;
Your life, your desires for the future, your favorite things, your hobbies, your skills, the places you go,                                                               your words, your emotions, your good and bad habits, your secrets, your fears, your inadequacies and failures. Lay them with brokenness and willingness at His feet.
Oh God, teach me to be a BIBLE Christian!!!!


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