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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Am I a Soldier of Surrender?

        In ancient times, when a knight surrendered, he would drop on one knee and offer his sword to the victor. In that position, the conqueror could do anything with the knight. Anything. He could even turn and kill the knight with his own sword if he chose. That sword was a symbol of who had the control over his life.
     We as Christians have a choice every day. Am I going to surrender to God, give Him my sword, and let Him do whatever He wishes with me today?
          When my little brothers and sisters evade their chores, or don't obey when I ask them to do something, I feel like grabbing that sword back, pointing the blade, and yelling, "I have the sword, YOU surrender!" But...Is that surrendering to God, and doing what He wants, when He wants, and how He wants it done? No. That is my 'old man'. My 'new man' is patient, kind, and just.
          When my Mother calls, and I am in the middle of something, what do I choose to do? Who do I choose to listen to? My old man takes the sword and says "You can have about 30 more seconds to your self, don't worry, you can go in a minute." My 'new man' gives the sword back to God, my Conqueror, and says "Yes Mommy, I'm coming." Without asking why or waiting. Just going.
           When I don't feel good, or tired,  My old man ignores the command "Whatever thy hand finds to do, do it with thy might." but takes the sword and says, "Your not feeling good, you can get by with being grumpy!" My 'new man' gives the sword back and says, "Everyone already knows you're tired, show them that with God, you can be kind anyway."
          God is calling you and I every day to yield our swords, sacrifice self, and live in the 'new man', to be a soldier of surrender.
Will you join me?

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