pink roses

Monday, August 1, 2011


If you can never marry,
see all your dreams rearranged,
and still remain pure,

If you can plan and plot
and it all be overturned at a moments notice,
and still submit joyfully

If you can slave over a dinner all day
only to have a child snub it
then rise again the next day and start all over again,

If you can sweep, mop, and scrub,
and watch as your family walks through with boots and dirty hands
and welcome them home,

If you can teach the same math lesson one hundred times,
only for the child to still not get it,
and return tomorrow and try again,

If you can absorb the troubles around you,
take in the worn and weary,
and never be praised,

If you can remain calm,
while everyone around you gives in to the chaos,

If you can hold the child who got hurt,
doing something you told him not to,

If you can walk through the trials of life
and cling all the closer to God,

Then, then my daughters, you will be women.

This poem was written by Olivia
based on Rudyard Kipling’s poem ‘If’


  1. Very encouraging! Thank you for posting this.
    I wish I could follow you, but I can't view your followers for some reason...don't worry. I don't think it's your blog. All of blogspot has been doing this lately. =)
    Most sincerely,
    Miss aMandalin

  2. Hello aMandalin! Thank you for commenting!
    As to following our blog, we have tried to make it so that it is available in all browsers, but doing so makes it look a little different then the normal "subscribe" button.
    If you scroll up to the top of the page you will see a tan "Subscribe To:" underneath it has a two little drop-down menus. You can choose to subscribe to all posts, or comments, and then you choose whether you have a google/yahoo etc. email account. It will then ask you wether you want it to show up on your homepage or in your email inbox. And there you have it! If you still have troubles, let us know and we will do what we can to fix it!


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