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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Who Is Your Hero?

Books do more than expand your vocabulary and spelling. Books change your life. Forever.
What kind of influence do books have on you?
I love poetry. Years and years ago, I came across this stanza from a hymn:

"Content to fill a little space,
If Thou be glorified."
Somehow, that one little phrase stuck with me. Almost sub-consciously, I began to ask myself, am I content to do the dirty jobs without any recognition? Not even a "thank you" from my Mother or little sibling? Am I filling the little spaces like I should? Or, am I selfishly doing only what I have to do to get by, and the things that bring me into the limelight? Am I 'filling the little spaces' to glorify God? Or me? Little by little, I frequently found myself striving to 'fill a little space' even though I was tired, or didn't want to, to the glory of God.
That is how much that one little stanza influenced my life.
I opened up a book with an empty cover off a bench one day while I was out and about, and slammed the cover shut immediately. The one sentence that I read haunted my thoughts for weeks. It wasn't until after much tears, prayers, and a couple talks with Mommy, that I got it out of my mind. It still comes back to bother me once in a while.
That is what a book can do.
What kind of books do you read? Have you ever noticed that their opinions subtly become your opinions?
One day, I walked into the back room to find two of my sisters voices comparing books. Apparently, One had been reading a work on the life of Patrick Henry, and the other, a book on James Madison. Some of you 'history buffs' may already have guessed what was going on, but for the rest of you, I'll clue you in on a little secret. Not all of the Founding Father's agreed with each other! In fact, some of them, even though they were Godly Christian men, had a hard time liking each other, much less 'getting along'. Patrick Henry and James Madison were a lifelong ... debate. As the two girls sat side by side on the bed reading, they began to compare notes.... on a very verbal scale.... trying to figure out what was bias, and what was fact. In fact, both of them held firmly to the view that had been presented in the books in their hands. They had each adopted the view of the author subconsciously.
That is what a book can do.
Books are very special things. Through the written word they place in your hand the personal dreams, visions, motives, thoughts, and passions of historical 'Great's.  But not all books are good.
I challenge you. Look at your very favorite book. No, not the one that you like to read sometimes because you know it is good for you, and it interests you, and makes you think. What do you read when you want to relax and have fun? When you have your guard down? Does it follow the Philippians 4:8 standards? If your parents met the characters in real life, would they want you to be good friends with them? Why? Why not? What is it that draws you to the main character? What is it that the Character believes that makes them do what they do? What was the author trying to tell the reader? What are those blood-rousing, subtle little statements tucked into important scenes pointing to? Is there any lie that the character believes? Is there a lie that the author wants you to believe?
Evaluate what you read. Choose wisely and prudently. What you read becomes a part of you, the first thing on your tongue, the thoughts running through your head, and, the meditation of your heart.

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