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Monday, June 20, 2011

There's Only One!

Who is the handsomest man on earth?
Who is the one my love is worth?
Who is the one at the head of the table?
Who is the one beside my cradle?
Who is the one who puts me on his knee?
Who is the one who cares for me?
Wh is the one one who guides me in His ways?
Who is the one who merits praise?
Who is the one who protects and provides?
Who is the one who lovingly chastises?
Who is the one with that helping hand?
Who is the one who always understands?
There’s only one-
and thats my Daddy!

What a wonderfully inexpressible gift is a father who is patterning his life after Christ. I thank God that he has given me such a father. He is not perfect, nor is he flawless, but every day I see him open his Bible and every day I see him striving to walk like Christ walked, talk like Christ talked, and live like Christ lived.
I pray that each of my brothers become the same type of men, and that some day, if the Lord wills, I marry a man- just like my Daddy.

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