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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Yes! You are in the right place!

    Welcome back to Fidelis Deus! You may be wondering why it no longer looks like the same blog you used to know and love. No worries! The content is just the same! But there are changes around the corner.
      Becca-Ellen and I have thought and prayed for almost a year about changing the name of our blog, and now the change is official. Welcome to:

A Little Space

The new name signifies something special,  the 'little space' that each of us occupies in our home as a daughter or sister, the little space we are called to brighten, beautify, and glorify our Master in. Our purpose here on this blog is to encourage you to be content in the 'little space' of time or place that God has you in right now, and to encourage you to serve Him to the utmost of your ability right where He has you.
As to the changes around the corner, we are looking forward to:
More Guest Posts!
Reviews of encouraging 'Girl Books' 
Some Giveaways
Introducing new-found resources 

One thing will always remain the same, and that is our passionate encouragement to you. 
"Serve the Lord!"


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  1. So beautiful! It is picture perfect! Totally loving the new look girls!


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