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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Christian: A Living Sacrifice

How will I use my time today?
Why does it matter?
Can't I use my time the way I want?
After all.... It is mine.... isn't it?
     If I am Christ's, all I have belongs to Him.
And He calls, "present the things that you horde, find security in, and love more than your Lord to Me."
Why? Because He has given so much more, and there's so much more he wants to give. He is calling, "Give me your last drop of oil and flour... Give me your only son, oh Abraham, oh Widow, oh Hannah.  Give me your boat so I can teach you to walk on water; I am waiting for you to trust me, so that I can open up the windows of heaven."

What do you want me to give, Lord Jesus? 
What is it that I am keeping as my own, for myself?

      The answer comes back to me: Time.
Yes I can while away my time... if I have not given it as a 'living sacrifice' to my Savior.
Yes I can use my time how I want, spending it on me... if I can drown the hunger for a deeper relationship with my Lord. 
     But... I don't want to give up my time! Why? I know I won't get to be selfish with it if I give it to you Lord Jesus. But you are calling. Can I say "wait a little, I'll give it to you later"? With each passing minute it gets harder to say "yes," and by procrastination I prolong the pain of dying to myself. Oh Lord Jesus, I am not willing. But You can make me willing. Please make me willing to say 'yes' to You! 

What is Jesus calling you to give Him?

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