pink roses

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


If I could fix my thoughts on You all throughout the day,
I would not have to worry for I could always pray.

I would renounce once and for all everything not come from You,
I'd b'lieve and embrace Your promises and seek Your face as I ought to do.

I'd recognize that you were with me, an ever present reality,
and constantly converse with You in freedom and simplicity.

I'd ask You for help in discerning your will, and in things I know You want me to do,
Offering them to You as worship and then thanking You when I am through

I wouldn't have to keep my mind on the small tasks my hands are a part of,
I'd thank You for giving me this work to do so I could give it as an act of love

I would not look ahead to the things I cannot change
but cling to You and wait and trust life's best when you arrange

If little things distract me from our sweet communion,
God You'd remind me of your presence and renew our union

If I could but abandon myself completely to You,
I'll find the path to heaven straight and light that is sure and true

If only I could discipline myself with faithfulness!
afterward would come the Joy of choosing to seek Your face.

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