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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Spread Smiles

Hello Everyone! Today we wanted to share a little something to put a smile on your face!

Timothy: (eating an orange) “Mommy! You forgot to warn me about the nuts!”

David: "Dear Lord, please help the bills come in....."
Thomas: (holding the Wordless Book open to the gold page) “Lissa, don’t the bad guys want to steal all the gold from heaven?" 

Heather: (Looking at a pile of uneaten cauliflower) "It's white! must be unhealthy." 

Timothy: (running in to tell about a scooter crash)
"Beth! We have an Engineer out here!"
Beth: "An Engineer?"
Timothy: "Yes! an Injured-Knee-er. David injured his (knees) all up!"

Thomas: "Rachel there is a black widow under my bed!"
Rachel (going to look): "A black widow spider?"
Thomas: "Yes, but it's ok, it's a Christian black widow, so it won't be bad."

Timothy: You are still here? Inconceivable!

Heather: "It's Ok."
Melissa: "Why is THAT ok?"
Heather: "Because we can't do anything about it."
Laura: "Daniel, you don't want to watch this with us, its a mushy girl movie."
Rachel: "LAURA! It is not, and besides, that part isn't what we watch it for anyway...  uh  ...  is it?"

Beth: "Timothy don't eat that dough, it has yeast and it will make your tummy grumpy."
Timothy: "Yay! I like grumpy tummies!"
Beth:"You do? Why?"
Timothy:"Because grumpy tummies means it's time to eat, and that is GOOD!!!"
Laura: "I know! He's famous for..... Playing the violin?... No, no, no, I mean playing the chandelier!" 
While discussing who should eat the cake batter out of the bowl:
- “I’ll tell you what, I’m going to have the bowl for an hour…..then you can have the bowl for 2 hours!”
- “No! I want to have it for 4 hours! Let’s do it how old we are!"
Rachel: (After bursting out laughing at a comment while gulping sweet tea)"You can say anything you want, just don't talk."
David: (watching an Edison worker)
"Hey! He spit on our land! That's littering!"

Thomas: (talking and making cookies for the committee meeting)
".... And you know, we are making these cookies for the comedian meeting tonight, cause we like cookies, and we want to share with them....."

Ray: (watching a GNC child shiver) " Are you cold? I'm not cold."
Child: "Of course you're not cold. You have fur."
(for those who don't know Daddy... YES, he has a beard!)

Have a day filled to the brim with the joy of the Lord!

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  1. Your family is so fun! Thanks, Beth, for putting a smile on my face.


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