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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Turn Around

I was wondering what I could post today, since I haven't posted in a good week, and my eye rested on a poem I wrote to myself years ago and taped in the front of my Bible. It has stood like a guard rail to keep me on track when I loose joy and have to choose to keep seeking the Lord.

Watch out, beware! Use caution, have care!
Have you neglected God's word today?
Have you been going your own way?
Have you pleaded for His help today?
Watch out. Beware.

Stop running, quit doing! Halt now, while you can!
Do you think that you can run this race alone?
Without the Word in you Spirit sown?
And daily "what Jesus would do" to you shown?
Halt now while you can.

Run aground, turn around! Be heavenbound!
Fix your eyes on Jesus to finish the race,
Each day read His Word, in prayer seek His face,
Think His thoughts, sing His joy, spread His grace.
Turn around.

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  1. Thank you dear sister for this beautiful reminder.


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