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Monday, April 18, 2011

Godly Femininity

This poem I am going to post tonight was written by Beth Marie, on femininity and what it is-

Godly Femininity
What can it be?
What can it mean?
How do you describe it?
How can it be seen?

In a heart that belongs to God alone,
In whom His sustaining presence is felt,
And through whom the Love of God is known,
And is solely Holy Spirit indwelt.

Fem’ninity is a servant at heart,
Willingly submissive to authority,
Always seeking to shoulder her part,
With her spirit singing joyfully

Fem’ninity is seen in her modesty,
Of manner and tongue as well as dress,
In her sensitiveness to propriety,
Not overly proud, or with looks obsessed

Describe it as an inward attitude,
A deep well bub’ling with gentleness,
A soul at peace with God will exude,
Internal quiet and sweet restfulness

She works with her hands, is industrious,
She gives to all her hospitality,
Just looking for ways to be generous,
Not forced or with rigid formality

Fem’ninity asks for wisdom each day,
To know how to always please the Lord,
Pondering God’s Word, not ceasing pray,
One of character, virtue, and her word

Can this a girl upon herself take?
In her flesh and by herself labor?
And she a model of fem’ninty make
Success for herself to praise and savor?

No! I cry it aloud, and again No!
Without the Savior to support, sustain,
She is too weak, incapable to do so,
Only the Power of Christ can Satan chain

The undergirding harmony of her life
Can only be Christ, and Christ alone
He is the focal point of her strife
Against her ‘old man’, who is vilely prone

This is Godly fem’ninity.
This is how it must be.
This is what it must mean.
This is how you describe it.
This is how it is seen.


  1. Beautiful poem and lovely site! Thank you so much for connecting your readers to the Tuesday's Treasure for Taking! I hope it is a blessing!

    For the King,

  2. Beautiful poem!! Would your sister mind if I copied it into my journal?

  3. Hi Madeline,
    Thank you for stopping by Fidelis Deus... Yes, you are more than welcome to use the poem. But we do ask that if you are going to publish it on the web that you ether link it back to our blog or just acknowledge who wrote it.
    Thank you again :)
    and God Bless,

  4. absolutely beautiful poem :), i posted it on my facebook so others can read

  5. Beautiful Poem, I would like to link it to my new blog for others to read. God Bless!


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