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Friday, April 1, 2011

Crazy Dayz

Hello Everyone, 
I just felt like sharing with you all a poem that my sister BethMarie wrote, several years ago, after trying to conduct an old fashioned spelling bee with my younger sibling and I. (We had fun :) But I'm not so sure she did! 
Well, any way, I though you all might enjoy it. It makes me laugh every time I read it-

Class it is time for a spelling bee!
Who shall be first oh let me see…
The one on the left? The one on the right?
The scholar who is exceptionally bright?

I say let’s start with the one in the center
That way we won’t be right here all winter!

Hush now Suzie! Dan has the floor,
Unless you would like to stand by the door?
Sarah please sit up straight in your chair,
I don’t like the frown that you wear!

Joey! Stop crying! Your turns coming soon!
There now, can you tell me how to spell “moon”

Dan don’t lay on the bench, sit up straight,
And PLEASE be quiet while you wait!
She’s trying to think you little “dears”,
Can’t you see Suzie is almost in tears?

I guess we might…just as well as may;
Leave off the spelling bee for today!

Maybe we’ll try it the week after next?
Or maybe, for this month we’ll just have it x’ed,
Schools over children, go on your way,
Whew! This has been one long crazy day!

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