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Thursday, November 1, 2012

[Guest Speaker] The Secret Place

I am re-posting this again today, because no one watched the video. 
This is not posted lightly. 
Listen hard.
Listen open.

Meet David Gibbs:
An unrelated 'Something' : 
As the year comes to a rapid close, Becca-Ellen and I would like to set a precedent for the up coming year. We want to introduce you to people and places that have changed our thinking and shoved us a couple steps forward in our walk with the Lord. As we introduce these people to you, we want you to research them, their life, their words. Listen to their videos. Read their books. Meet them. Talk to them. Write to them.
These are not just people. These are Christians who are closely following in the steps of the Lord Jesus.

So far, you have met:

Voddie Baucham
Eric Ludy

K.P. Yohannan
Micah Currado
Ray Comfort
Doug Philips

From the Past:
Amy Carmichael
Andrew Murray

Faithful Christian Women:
Anna Sofia and Elisabeth Botkin
Leslie Ludy
Jasmine Baucham
 Lady Lydia
An we can't wait to introduce you to hundreds more from the past and present!

Don't just skim the post as it lands in your inbox!


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